Peter Brennan

Vocals, Irish Bouzouki, Tenor Guitar, Bodhran.

Peter was born of an Irish-Scots family in the border area, between Scotland and England, and was raised in the musical traditions of both sides of his ancestral heritage. 
With such a background it was natural that he has developed a lifelong love affair with traditional music. He sings songs in Gaidhlig and Gaelic and of course in English. A multi instrumentalist, he is the traditional core of the band. For Pete, the love affair is still very much on.

Keith Whiddon

Tenor banjo, bouzouki, tenor guitar, whistles, backing vocals

Keith was born of an Irish mother and inspired by the Irish music revival of the mid-70s. He picked up the mandolin (and later banjo and bouzouki) while at university in London and has been playing in traditional Irish sessions across the UK and Ireland ever since.

In the 80s Keith was co-founder of St Albans-based ceilidh band All Hands Around and electric ceilidh band Nightwatch. He moved to Sussex and joined with Val to form the Irish band Cushleen, producing their First Crossroads album.

United by a passion for traditional Irish music, Keith and Val went on to form The Flying Toads, a multi-instrumental Celtic band. The Toads have performed at folk festivals in Europe and the UK and have released 2 well-received CDs. Keith and Val now live in the South Shropshire Hills and in addition to The Wild Geese and The Flying Toads, they also play as the duo BouZaTina.

Val Marciandi

Vocals, concertina, tenor banjo, mandolin

Val has strong Celtic roots on her father’s side of the family and was involved in music from an early age. She has been singing in public since she was a teenager when she performed solo in folk clubs around London, Middlesex and Surrey. She was resident musician at The Phoenix Folk Club, Staines and when she took up the concertina, her love of Irish music blossomed.

In 1986 Val co-founded the Irish trio Shelta followed by Billy Ruffian in 1989 and then the popular Sussex trio Cushleen with Keith, recording The First Crossroads album in 1994. Val was also a member of the Phoenix Irish Dance Group and has taught Irish Dancing.

Val and Keith formed The Flying Toads in 1999 and have to date recorded 2 CDs, In Stitches and Warts & All. When Val and Keith moved to the Welsh Marches in 2014, they formed the duo BouZaTina and perform regularly across the West Midlands.

Cornelie Wannee


Cornelie graduated as a classical violinist at the conservatory in Arnhem. Soon after her graduation, she went on to explore various other musical styles. In addition to traditional projects, she played for a while in a hard rock band and in a pop music cover band. Slowly but surely more and more folk came into her life, and she has now been playing (Fiddling) traditional music for more than 10 years

Cornelie also plays  in "Duo Thee" , which has a very varied repertoire,  including both classical, and Yiddish music. When performing with the formation Tales & Tunes she creates musical theater. The atmosphere created, is that of various lands and countries, the varied repertoire includes elements of klezmer, classical music and blues. Cornelie also has a practice as a violin teacher, in which she teaches a variety of musical styles and improvisation.